Which do you think is better while viewing a restaurant menu, “Oh, that sounds good”, or “Wow, that looks amazing”? One is a listing of a food selection that can offer details about the dish, how it is prepared, the type of food it is, and even that it is seasonal. But, no amount of words can help us ‘see’ a food item like a wonderful photograph of the selection. 
Granted, there are some very talented and skillful writers that will argue that they can form an image in your mind by reading descriptive and thoughtful adjectives to describe a dish, but if a picture is really worth a ‘thousand words’, then how would you fit all of that wording on a menu?!?
We are all inundated every day with imagery. From the time we awake looking at our smart phones, to viewing the news, seeing billboards on our way to work, all day even at work with PowerPoint presentations, or instruction manuals, menu boards, the grocery checkout land and so on. If you want to sell something, having great imagery is key to getting noticed in today’s busy and over crowded marketplace.
Even images captured by your smart phone will be better than not having imagery at all. Just remember to light your images with plenty of light so the images are bright and easy to view. Naturally, a better idea is to plan a half or full day photo-shoot with a professional photographer who can provide you with many great food (or any product) photographs for your menus, flyers, social media posts, etc. Building a library of images will come in handy many times as you promote your business, no matter what your business is or what you are selling! 
If you need amazing imagery, just reach out to us and we will assist you with your photography, video and graphic design to help you ‘tell your story’!!   -Rick Bella for Bella Photography