Our team: Rick, Jodi, Donna, Molly and Chris…

Bella Studios is a professional photography, video and design studio. Our projects range from product photos to wedding invitations. Our work is published in magazines, catalogs, restaurant menus, on websites, and walls of office and private homes. 
We have a great team of pros to produce great results offering over 75 years of imaging experience, our team is ready to work with you and your vision. Our work has variety and style; the good stuff that life is made of. After all, life is beautiful.
Our team - Chris and Rick sitting, Molly, Donna and Jodi

Rick Bella – photographer, videographer, design guru

Rick is a drummer at heart, foodie by mouth, and Chief Olive Stuffer (COS) at happy hour. Storytelling without words is his forte, whether a portrait or product. Rick told his first story at age 17 – about Dairy Rich Ice Cream. Told you he was a foodie.

Jodi Mann-Bella – photographer, videographer, design queen, font master, and business manager

Jodi loves to sing and dance. She is classically trained in ballet, though her dance moves today would never let you know that. She’s a vegetarian that eats meat and loves a good dirty martini – blue cheese stuffed olives please. 

Donna Grass – photographer – business associate – story teller

Donna is passionate about photography and has been shooting professionally for 14 years. She specializes in portrait photography and weddings. She also photographs corporate events and products. Donna loves to go camping, bike riding, bon fires and almost never goes anywhere without her camera. She is a grandma as of 2014 and home-schooled her two children, one of which is now in college.  

Molly Gardner – photographer  / graphic design

Molly has been viewing the world through her camera viewfinder since 2007. Creating art everyday is important to her through photography, design, and fine art. If you don’t find Molly with a paint brush in her hand, or holding a camera, you can probably find her somewhere with a spoon full of peanut butter in one hand and exercise weights in her other hand. She strives to challenge her mind and body every day in search of growth and discovery to find out all that she is capable of. 

Chris Klimek – photographer / videographer / website design guru

Chris has enjoyed photography since his high school years. In 2009 he photographed a family member’s wedding and had been hooked on photography ever since. Chris has obtained an impressive portfolio over the past 10 years photographing weddings, high school seniors, and interesting subjects like aircrafts, cars, and motorcycles. His passion is making memories at weddings and why he was the perfect addition to our talented team. When not behind the camera, Chris uses his creativity designing websites for a variety of business clients. Check out the graphic design tab to see some of his amazing web designs.